Healthy Food with Flavor

Get ready to ditch what you thought healthy cooking means. Healthy food can be flavorful,

delicious as well as nutritious. Sign up today for one of our classes and see!

Taught by Registered Dietitian Amy Lawson, classes feature nutrition education and culinary skills in a fun way. Learn something new, taste something new and have fun while doing it.

Each Class Includes:

✔️ Exclusive Recipes

✔️ Grocery List

✔️ Culinary Skills

✔️ Nutrition Information

✔️ Q&A Time with RD Amy

Sample class options:

🍝 Family Friendly Weeknight Meals

🍪 Healthy Desserts

🍅 Mediterranean Meals

🥗 Diabetes Friendly Dinners

🥕 Flexitarian Meals for Meat-Eaters and Vegetarians

Virtual and in-person options are also available for corporate wellness. For more information on corporate wellness programs contact us here.

Class Options

Recipe Gallery