Meal Planning Made Easy

Forget searching Pinterest and logging each meal into a fitness app. Our meal planning memberships save you time, energy and help you meet your health goals faster!

Basic Meal Plan Membership

Take the stress out of meal planning!

Receive a personalized plan based on your health goals, preferences, schedule and family size. Choose from over 7,000 dietitian approved recipes, swap meals based on your life and preferences and easily generate grocery lists with optional online grocery pickup (where available).

Pricing: $110/month

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Premiere Meal Plan Membership

Looking for extra accountability to reach your goals? Premiere is perfect for you!

Includes all the features of tier one with extra monthly check-in sessions with RDN Amy. Accountability sessions can be done via video or by phone. Start thriving with EatLove and a dietitian accountability partner to help you reach your goals and stay on track.

Pricing: $199/month

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All Memberships Include:

✔️ Initial 45-minute session with RDN Amy Lawson
to determine your nutrition prescription

✔️ Weekly Personalized Meal Plan with EatLove

✔️ Ability to swap meals based on your personal
preferences and lifestyle

✔️ Over 7,000 easy to follow recipes

✔️ Grocery Lists with optional online grocery pickup
or delivery (where available)

✔️ Step-by-step recipe prep schedules

Get thriving with personalized meal plans

Discover meal planning freedom today



Does this program work for families?

Yes! Within EatLove we can add family members and adjust which meals they will be eating.

I’m diabetic, will this help me?

Yes! EatLove has specialty diet plans for a variety of needs including diabetes. I also recommend one-on-one nutrition counseling for additional coaching and education for diabetes.

Can I change my membership at anytime?

Membership plans are billed monthly and you can change your plan with 2-weeks notice to upgrade or cancel.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

I’m here to help! Book your free 15-minute discovery call and together we will determine the right plan for you.